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Committed to helping you achieve the highest quality of life possible.

About Us

Bakersfield Sports Medicine and Rehabilitative Therapy is commonly known as BSMART PT. This is well said as we truly believe that this is the smart choice when choosing physical therapy to address any and all of your musculo-skeletal needs: joint pain, muscle strains, ligament sprains, post-surgical rehab, general wellness and fitness maintenance, sports specific training, and much more.

BSMART was founded in 2000 in the Southwest region (Stine Rd. and White Ln.), with a second clinic added in the Northwest region (Coffee Rd. and Rosedale Hwy.) in 2009. We are an outpatient facility that specializes in all orthopedic care. In addition, our physical therapists have experience in working with individuals who have neurological and vestibular disorders. Our staff is dedicated to making this experience a positive one for all who come to work with us. We emphasize quality therapy, performing therapy one-on-one throughout the whole course of your treatment.

Our Mission

At BAKERSFIELD SPORTS MEDICINE & REHABILITATIVE THERAPY, we are committed to helping you achieve the highest quality of life possible. We are dedicated to give all our patients high quality one-on-one physical therapy. We have made it our mission to provide reliable service and the best.

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