Do we offer Occupational Therapy (OT)?We do not employ any occupational therapy at our clinics. However, the term “OT” is often used as a term for “hand therapy.” We commonly see patients for hand/ wrist rehabilitation at both of our clinics. Please call and ask one of our therapists if you have any additional questions.
What insurances do we accept?We are providers for Medicare, Anthem/ Blue Cross, Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, and many other PPO’s. We are also providers for most workers compensation companies. We are not providers for any HMO’s or Medicaid.
Do we offer Pediatric services?We do see children for certain orthopedic and neurologic conditions. Please call for more specific details pertaining to your needs.
Do I need a referral to attend therapy?The State of California allows therapists to see patients without a prescription or referral (direct access). However, your insurance company may require a prescription from your physician for P.T. to be a covered benefit. This can usually be clarified by calling your insurance company and asking them about your specific policy.
Can I pay for services in cash?Yes, our standard rate is $75.00 per session.
Do we do sports physicals?No, we do not.
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