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Welcome to Bakersfield Sports Medicine And Rehabilitative Therapy. Bakersfield Sports Medicine and Rehabilitative Therapy is commonly known as BSMART PT. This is well said as we truly believe that this is the smart choice when choosing physical therapy to address any and all of your musculo-skeletal needs: joint pain, muscle strains, ligament sprains, post-surgical rehab, general wellness and fitness maintenance, sports specific training, and much more. 

BSMART was founded in 2000 in the Southwest region (Stine Rd. and White Ln.), with a second clinic added in the Northwest region (Coffee Rd. and Rosedale Hwy.) in 2009. We are an outpatient facility that specializes in all orthopedic care. In addition, our physical therapists have experience in working with individuals who have neurological and vestibular disorders. Our staff is dedicated to making this experience a positive one for all who come to work with us. We emphasize quality therapy, performing therapy one-on-one throughout the whole course of your treatment.

At Bakersfield Sports Medicine And Rehabilitative Therapy, we are committed to helping you achieve the highest quality of life possible. We are dedicated to giving all our patients high quality one-on-one physical therapy. We have made it our mission to provide reliable service and the best.


To show our excellent care that we have with our patients, we have provided a few testimonials which will hope to inspire you to choose us for your physical therapy needs. 

“Family atmosphere. The therapist and staff are excellent. I came in with a shoulder injury and had surgery. With their help, I was able to regain full rotation. And was given exercises to continue at home. I am very pleased with the results. Thank you BSMART for everything. Adam and Tony, you’re the best.”

Laura T.

“I am a huge believer in the benefits of physical therapy (PT)! Many years ago, after a few not so good experiences with large and impersonal PT providers, my local orthopedist recommended BSMART. It seems that Tony Frehner and Darin Siebert had reached out to him to promote their new office and not only was he very impressed with them, he told me that if he needed PT, he would use BSMART! I am so glad I took his advice and called BSMART. We are approaching our 70s now (ouch) and despite our relatively good health, we have had our share of medical issues requiring PT. Fortunately, we have been able to rely on the expertise and experience of Tony, Darin, Cory, Adam, and staff to provide the best of care with the back, knee replacement, shoulder and foot surgeries, and other aches and pains which have temporarily affected our lifestyle. It has also been comforting to us to know how well they work with our physicians and insurance providers to make sure we get the services we need with minimum out of pocket expenses. We have always been pleased with the individual attention we receive from BSMART therapists and their staff. They make you feel like you are not just a number and everyone is on a first name basis! Their goal is to get to know each patient, to make every patient feel like he/she is important and to provide the positive atmosphere we all need to feel better during recuperation. Besides that, the BSMART staff always tries to make therapy an enjoyable experience for their patients. We have been satisfying BSMART patients for well over a decade and will not hesitate to ask for their help whenever the need arises! Go Dodgers! Go Trojans!”

Mike & Cheryle K.

“The Therapy team at BSMART was a huge factor in my recovery from not 1, but 2 knee replacement surgeries. The Team, and I do mean Team, they all work together to ensure that you as a patient can leave knowing you have done everything possible to get back to life as you know it. They not only are knowledgeable, but they educate you so you (if you are willing) can take this info home and continue for your benefit. Would recommend it to anyone that cares about their body.”

Michael L.

“I had both knees replaced. The right knee in September, 2016, and the left in April, 2017. Each time the therapists and staff of BSMART were priceless in the ultimate success and outcome of these surgeries. Throughout the process, the staff of BSMART were very courteous, thoughtful, compassionate, and helpful. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else ever for any other physical therapy I might require. In fact, I am currently back again for their help and expertise on another unrelated health issue!”

James T.

“BSMART was recommended to me by two friends who had been there. Right off, I was impressed. The doctors are very hands on with each patient. The assistants know each of the exercises the doctor’s order and work with them, all for the good of the patient. Their focus is improvement in whatever your condition is. My rotator cuff issues in both arms were treated with patience, concern and hard work. Improvement took time, but my range of motion is greatly improved with little or no pain in my arms and shoulders. I would recommend BSMART to anyone who has a need of physical therapy. They are the best, they are fun to be around, and they care about you.”

Kathy M.

Intro to BSMART

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